SUNDAY: Androcles' Philosophy Corner: Vigilance is best when watchful waiting is the necessary option.

MONDAY: Ophelia's Cat Meme Monday: Thought I'd try out this "affirmation" thing. #Renata #AmIDoingItRight

TUESDAY: Juan's Safety Tip of the Week: In times of trouble, hide in your room.

WEDNESDAY: Skylar's Random Thought of the Week (& all things Seth Green): Try having roommates....

THURSDAY: Renata's Weekly Affirmation: I inspire those around me to love themselves. #proudmoment

FRIDAY: Raymond's Fandom Friday! While we're on the subject of affirmations... #Smaug #Affirmations #Renata

SATURDAY: Parker's Pick up Line of the Week: Not only am I incredibly good looking, but my parents are normal. TOTALLY normal.


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