SUNDAY: Androcles' Philosophy Corner: Nothing unites people in conflict like a common enemy.

MONDAY: Ophelia's Cat Meme Monday: #Androcles

TUESDAY: Juan's Safety Tip of the Week: Always beware of nurses; they get paid to stab people with sharp objects. #especiallyschoolnurses

WEDNESDAY: Skylar's Random Thought of the Week (& all things Seth Green): School nurses...Yikes!!!

THURSDAY: Renata's Weekly Affirmation: I am the glue that holds this family together, the calm that soothes all conflict.

FRIDAY: Raymond's Fandom Friday!

SATURDAY: Parker's Pick up Line of the Week: If I said I had a nice body, would you hold it against you? #parkerlogic #no


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Call somebody else stupid would not make you smarter. I believe that if someone is not knowledgeable about something that we are, we must not judge them but rather, we should educate them. There is no room for hatred in this world. We are not entitled to judge people just because we know something that they do not. Remember, they also know something that we do not so we must be very humble and careful when it comes to the things we say.

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