*NOTE: Androcles and Ophelia were...unavailable... this week due to a slight difference of opinion...*

TUESDAY: Juan's Safety Tip of the Week: Avoid nerd gatherings like Comic Con...you never know how many know how to kill vampires! #SDCC14

WEDNESDAY: Skylar's Random Thought of the Week (& all things Seth Green): Can I just replace Clare Grant in the universe? #SDCC14

THURSDAY: Renata's Weekly Affirmation: No matter how childish the people in my life are acting, I will not call them petty. #Androcles #Ophelia

FRIDAY: Raymond's Fandom Friday! For all the lucky ones that got to go... #SDCC14

SATURDAY: Parker's Pick-up Line of the Week: Everyone's at Comic Con, and I'm just over here like, I'm awesome! #sureyouare


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