*NOTE: Due to recent events, the manor decided to stay off social media for the week of 6/1/14-6/7/14...see Episode 5 for details to know why*

SUNDAY: Androcles' Philosophy Corner: There is nothing like a crisis to remind people of the frivolousness of communication.

MONDAY: Ophelia's Cat Meme Monday! As long as there's a good reason, you SHOULDN'T be sorry...

TUESDAY: Juan's Safety Tip of the Week: ALWAYS avoid dodgeball when your arch nemesis is on the opposing team!

WEDNESDAY: Skylar's Random Thought of the Week (& all things Seth Green): This pretty much says it all... #teenagevampirepost

THURSDAY: Renata's Affirmation of the Week: Through togetherness and communication we will persevere through this crisis together. #togetherness

FRIDAY: Raymond's Fandom Friday! It's true!

SATURDAY: Parker's Pick-up Line of the Week: Girl, with my awesomeness nothing could ever go wrong. #ParkerUniverse


10/10/2016 1:19am

I was really upset and when I came to your blog my mood completely changes and it made me laugh. I appreciate you because you are spreading happiness and smile to all over the world.

02/06/2017 11:32pm

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