SUNDAY: Androcles' Philosophy Corner: If you want your kids to be like you, you should think about the you you've grown to be.

MONDAY: Ophelia's Cat Meme Monday!

TUESDAY: Juan's Safety Tip of the Week: Summertime: remember, the sun is never your friend!

WEDNESDAY: Skylar's Random Thought of the Week (& all things Seth Green): True, except less clothing means worse blood cravings... #teenvampireproblems

THURSDAY: Renata's Weekly Affirmation: I am the person my children want to grow up to be. #ifyousayit,itmustbetrue

FRIDAY: Raymond's Fandom Friday!

SATURDAY: Parker's Pick-up Line of the Week: Is it hot in here or is it the first day of summer? #...what? #Parkerlogic


02/15/2017 9:39pm

Well, it is the funny way to spend all the week but the tips informative too. The temper of the every person is different and influence of the environment also exist matter. I really enjoyed your words and the tips you mentioned in this articles are different but sort of unique.


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